Caster Custom Homes was founded in 1988, we started in the industry by purchasing existing homes and renovating them to current styles while increasing their functionality and value to the new homeowner. In 1993, we began to construct new homes and we are proud to have built hundreds of homes for families through-out Windsor-Essex County.  We are proud of our decades in construction, from our work creating subdivision developments to our custom design homes. We always build with distinct detail and unsurpassed quality using techniques that are at the forefront of the industry.

We are unique to many local builders in that we have an in-house team with extensive experience across a wide range of trades (plumbing, concrete, painting & more). This allows us to assist subtrades in their work keeping the construction of your home moving efficiently and to provide ongoing service support after you have moved in.

We work with the best sub trades in the area, with many of our relationships being built over the last 10-20 years. These relationships are important when delivering a meticulously crafted home to our customer that meets the high standards you expect and deserve for your new home.

Being deeply enmeshed in the community is a strong tenent of ours, we are proud to support local charities, fund-raising events and have provided our labor and expertise to families in need through-out the County.

The team at Caster Custom Homes looks forward to having the opportunity to work with you to design a custom home that fits your lifestyle and creative vision.

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