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For most Canadians, buying a home and acquiring a mortgage for purchase or refinance is the single largest financial transaction they will ever be faced with....

Although mortgage debt is 'smart' debt , it is critical that prospective home owners/home buyers prepare themselves before they start the search. Whether it is your first or fifth home let us guide you each step of the way.

Working with over 50 banks, credit unions and lending institutions we are always aware of the current mortgage   rate environment and the resulting implications, so at any time we can recommend a mortgage that gives you an edge and meets your current needs and future goals.

Our volume lending allows us to seek out the best rates, options and terms with all our lenders and approvals are generally given within 4 hours from application. This in turn saves all the people involved in the transaction i.e. purchaser(s), realtor(s), vendor(s), lawyer(s) etc. time and frustration spent searching or waiting for a mortgage approval.

Understanding the needs and time constraints involved, our office works with the consumer and affiliated professionals to try to get the deal done as fast and efficient as possible. We assist in determining what you can afford before you start shopping for a home and establish a realistic budget so you will have confidence knowing that you are not overextending yourself. Our approach also helps our realtor partners shop in confidence to determine the price range you are in the market for.  Partnering up with great lawyers, lenders, appraisers, inspectors and realtors, our office can help you with saving time, money and sanity.

Last but not least, getting pre-approved will not only qualify your application but lock your rate for 120 days in case rates decide to rise and should they lower we can also take advantage of the new rates as well.

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