ZACHARY JANISSE - Joe Conlon Real Estate Team

ZACHARY JANISSE - Joe Conlon Real Estate Team

Sales Representative

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I am now able to help others find their dream homes as well as support the community through the Teams charitable events but through my own ideas that are allowed to flourish with the support of the Joe Conlon Real Estate Team.

I may look like I just graduated highschool…well that’s because I basically just did. I am a 20-year-old “kid” who grew up surrounded by a unique family.

See my family owns Windsor Chapel Funeral Home. Thus, this unique upbringing when I look back at it feels much more like a blessing than a curse. Throughout my experiences in life especially those involving our family business I learned how to be compassionate and truly get a completely new perspective on empathy. With those experiences, I knew I wanted a career where I could help people..but in different ways.

Stumbling through university and working at various jobs trying to “discover myself’ as they say, I did not find anything that spoke to me. I enjoyed sales but couldn’t find the personal aspect in it.

That was until I, like the main character in a teen movie, found love at first sight: Real Estate. I joined Joe Conlon’s team back in July and with them, I was able to grow as not only a Realtor but as a person.I am extremely grateful for the position I am in today and would like to thank all my Family, my Friends, and my clients for making it all possible. I look forward to continuing to grow as a person in the community and as a Realtor.

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