Built-in Features: Finished Basements, Garages, and In-law Suites

When looking at the houses for sale in Windsor and Essex County, there are a lot of factors you might look at. Cost, size, and location are major considerations for most people - finding a home that you can afford, that is big enough to meet your needs, and is in the right location for you is extremely important. There can be other features to a home that are just as important, however, depending on what you need and want. Built-in extras like a finished basement, garage, or an in-law suite could make the difference for you if you're buying a house, and if you are selling a house in Windsor-Essex with any of these features, they could be the difference for a potential buyer.

Houses for Sale with Finished Basements 

One popular built-in feature on a home that people are searching for a lot recently in Windsor real estate is a finished basement. Houses with finished basements provide extra living space and more of an opportunity to customize the rooms in your home. With this in mind, having a finished basement already available can be a big draw for a homebuyer, and if it is important to you to have one, could make the difference in how much you would want to offer for a home. If a finished basement is important to you in your search of houses for sale in Windsor or Essex County, consider how much that feature is worth to you, and whether it makes sense for you to increase your offer based on that versus the cost of converting an unfinished basement yourself after purchasing a home. If you are selling a home with a finished basement, this is a great feature to highlight to potential homebuyers.


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Properties with Garages

How important a garage is to a buyer when looking at the homes for sale in Windsor can depend greatly on his or her personal needs. If you have a car (or more than one), finding houses for sale with a garage in Windsor or Essex County could be very important to you.  Even if you don’t have a vehicle, houses with garages can be appealing because of the extra storage space they can provide, especially for items that might be difficult to find room for otherwise.  With this in mind, consider whether finding a house with a garage is an important part of your search for a home in Windsor or Essex County.

Homes with In-law Suites

The number of bedrooms available in a house for sale is a major factor for many homebuyers - whether you have a family, or just want some extra living space, this is an important part of a home to consider. However, sometimes it isn’t just the number of bedrooms, but also the size and configuration of them. One feature many homebuyers have been searching for recently in the houses for sale in Windsor and Essex County is an In-law Suite, which is a separate living area within the same house. Unlike a duplex, triplex, or other multi-family home, these are part of the same property with the same address and utilities, but configured to act as a different living space. An In-law suite can be detached or attached, generally has its own entrance, and usually features its own amenities such as a separate bathroom, kitchen, and living room. If you are looking for real estate in Windsor that can accommodate another person that needs to have his or her own living area, you will want to consider houses that have an in-law suite included with them.

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No matter what you are looking for in real estate in Windsor and Essex County, Royal LePage Binder Real Estate can help you find the right houses for sale with a garage, a finished basement, an in-law suite, or any other feature that is important to you. Check our residential property listings for all of the features of each of the houses for sale. If you are looking to sell a home, we can help you maximize the extra features in your home that buyers are searching for. Buying or selling, contact us today for all of your real estate needs.

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