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Many homebuyers do not realize they have a choice when it comes to purchasing mortgage insurance

Although current pricing and product options are regulated by the Federal Government and therefore consistent among mortgage insurance providers, there are exclusive service offerings provided by Genworth Canada with which home buyers should be aware.

These include access to Genworth Canada's Homeowner Assistance Program, which last year alone helped more than 4,600 families stay in their homes during difficult financial times. 

Other benefits of a Genworth Canada-insured mortgage include access to our exclusive Homebuyer Privileges program. Available through select lenders and mortgage brokers, this program offers discounts and special offers on home-related products and services through a variety of nationally recognized vendor partners.

At Genworth Canada, our trained specialists are standing by to answer you answer your mortgage default insurance questions, provide more information on our value-added products and services and help you with practically any aspect of doing business with us. 

  To find out more about what Genworth Canda has to offer or to contact a local member of our team visit:

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