Q2 2016 Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Market Statistics


The stats for the Windsor Essex County real estate market are in for the end of Quarter 2 2016 (April 1st - June 30th, 2016), and they tell us a great deal about the current trends in this area.

The numbers for this quarter indicate that we are moving deeper into a seller’s market, with residential sales up 18% compared to this time last year, a 13.8% increase in the average sales price for the houses for sale in Windsor-Essex, and an average home equity gain of over $21,000. All of this indicates that buyers are paying more, and sellers of real estate in Windsor and Essex County are reaping the benefits.

The numbers also indicate that two storey houses were the most popular style of homes for sale in Essex County, followed by ranches. Apartments and condos for sale in Windsor-Essex also saw an average sale price increase as well.  

Finally, even though Windsor-Essex is seeing a seller’s market judging by these figures, the majority of homes sold in the area are more than $100,000 under the national housing average, meaning that residential properties in Windsor-Essex are still affordable compared to much of the rest of the country, meaning that high demand for houses in the area should continue.

At Royal LePage Binder Real Estate, we stay on top of the current Windsor-Essex Real Estate market, and understand the trends and conditions that are driving prices and home availability in the area. We can help you navigate this market and everything that comes with it so you can find the right home for you. To learn more about real estate in the Windsor area, and how we can assist you in finding your dream home, contact Royal LePage Binder today!


*Please note that the statistics presented in this article and in the video are taken from MLS statistics compiled by WECAR and Royal LePage Binder Real Estate is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.



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