Windsor and Essex County Waterfront Properties

Waterfront properties in Windsor-Essex are among the most desired housing available in the area. From the aesthetic appeal to the many recreational opportunities, the relaxed atmosphere, and the excellent waterfront houses for sale in Windsor-Essex, there are some significant draws to living along the waterfront. The Windsor-Essex real estate market has the advantage of being able to offer a number of different waterfront options, meaning that there is a good chance there are waterfront properties for sale in Essex County to suit almost any needs. Between the Detroit River, Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, and more, there are many great waterfront locations throughout Essex County to choose from.

The City of Windsor’s waterfront real estate includes locations all along Riverside Drive, so whether you want to live further west towards Downtown Windsor, or are more interested in properties in Walkerville or East Windsor, there are locations along or near the Detroit river in Windsor to suit you. These houses are also available in a number of price ranges no matter which section of the city appeals to you, so if you want a quality family or starter home, or are looking for some of the best luxury properties for sale in Windsor, there are great waterfront houses for sale for you to consider. Windsor real estate also includes some excellent apartments and condominiums for sale along the waterfront, so if you are interested in that style of housing, you can find some great options that offer an outstanding location and view of the river.

The rest of Essex County also has many desirable waterfront properties for sale as well. Houses for sale in Tecumseh include homes along the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair, while Lakeshore real estate offers not only waterfront properties along Lake St. Clair, but also many waterfront houses along the riverfronts that go through each section of Essex County. Meanwhile, the towns of Leamington, Kingsville, and Amherstburg can offer outstanding houses along Lake Erie.

The waterfronts in Windsor and Essex County are developed to take full advantage of their location. Besides the visual appeal of the waterfront properties for sale, there are numerous recreational options that have developed as a result of being so close to the lakes and rivers in the area. Opportunities for entertainment on the water such as boating, fishing, swimming, and more are right in your own backyard if you choose one of the waterfront houses for sale in Windsor and Essex County. There are also excellent wineries, walking trails, and many other ways to get out and enjoy yourself that have developed near the water. Plus, thanks to Essex County’s location in Southwestern Ontario, you can enjoy the advantages of a waterfront property for longer throughout the year than you could in many other areas of the country.

There are always new waterfront properties in Essex County becoming available. To discover all of the different waterfront properties for sale in Windsor-Essex, contact Royal LePage Binder Real Estate today. We can walk you through the entire homebuying process, from finding the house that’s right for you to making an offer, selling your current home, and more. For the waterfront property that’s perfect for in Windsor-Essex, talk to us today!



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