Purcell Mountains Challenge for Shelter

This past August, 2021, 66 adventurous Royal LePage Shelter Foundation agents and brokers from across Canada, including our very own REALTOR®, Beth Rezoski(!) traveled to the Purcell Mountains near Golden, British Columbia to trek in support of Canadian women and children seeking safety from domestic violence! During this adventure, participants trekked for 6 days, viewing beautiful scenery and challenging themselves physically and mentally. Because there will be no ground transportation, each trekker carried 20-30 lbs of gear from campsite to campsite. Everyone was expected to help with daily chores and turn off their cell phones for the duration of the hike! This adventure raised more than $750,000 for the cause! 

Beth has shared some of her photos and tales (in her own words) with us, below! These are not to be missed. So proud of Beth and all her fellow trekkers!

"Well we had a lot to deal with between the forest fires as the smoke was really choking.  Here is a photo of the first day when the chopper arrived to take us to the death march (lol) and then after the smoke rolled in!"

 "There was a grizzly and her cub, some days we trekked 11 hours over areas almost no human has ever been before.  Lots of mountain crests so you had to watch where you took every step or you could fall down either side of the mountain."  

"It was freezing!  At night the temperature dipped way below zero. It was clear the first few days and I’ve never seen stars like that in my life as there were no lights for hundreds of miles."

"It was no walk in the park, this was the most gruelling, physically breaking trek in the most absolute remote wilderness.  Bushwhacking and crossing slippery icy water streams. Very demanding on your body to balance on your walking poles not to slide down 10,000 foot cliff of loose scree, shale and rock." 

"One day we all ran out of water and drank from the glaciers (best water you’ll ever taste).  As our President Phil Soper said, we “faced hurdles of biblical proportions”."


"At times I felt like I was walking in a postcard.  I had to help a fellow trekker who had “hit a wall” mentally and physically, I had to yell over to her, “You’re stronger than you think!!” “You can do this!” but to be honest I was also talking to myself."

"I’m so thankful to my fellow Royal LePagers, family, friends and clients who generously donated.  Very proud we raised over three quarters of a million dollars (given the short time to raise the money and half the amount of trekkers that usually participate) to keep our communities safer and happier. "

~ Beth Rezoski, RLB REALTOR® 


Watch this incredible video, highlighting the trek: VIDEO

See MORE great photos on the Shelter Foundation BLOG






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